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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Excess weight? No problem!!!

''Fashion is the healthiest motivation for losing weight'' said Karl Lagerfeld,but what can we do if winter gifted us with +5+10 kgs?
Summer is coming and for real fashionistas it's impossible to meet it with excess weight. What can we do when chocolate looks us with delicious eyes? Or mommy made that dish what we love most? sit on a strict diet and damage our health? of course no!!!
There are some advices from me and my experience.

*At first say no to fast food!!! it will deform your body and damage your health.
*Say no to delicious blogs and tv channels about food.
*Control your plate's size. take plate which looks simple.
*Don't eat fast!
*Don't eat late!
*Imagine that you are already thin!
*Learn the difference between hunger and boredom.


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