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Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring 2012/Nail Trends


  1. um maybee you should write some nail polish color trends like what people would wear look on other websites see some trends then copy the trends onto your website and also you should try to make the backround a little pink and girly so more peolpe are interusted in your website i can tell you some nail trends that i found on another website! k so minty colors are really in and tangereen colors are also really in glittery polishes are really in lots of neon colored nails that will really make nails pop! foundation colored nails are really in! lots of blue creamy colors try sophisticated pastels and finally pink fuchsia polishes if you glam out your backround and write this information down you will rock your website im a nailpolish addict i love nail polish and i know you website isnt just about nail polish but for spring and summer everyone wants to know the trend for nailpolish and your website will be popular...well it already is popular but it will be MORE popular!!!!!!!!!! :) ;) :P :D

  2. Thank you for advice. :* check out this posts :)


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