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Sunday, May 27, 2012

New Era of Barbies?

  Forget about Barbie. The “couture” dolls by London duo Charles Fegen e Desmond Lingard, designers and founders of Superdoll Collectables, will soon be your new objects of desire
  But only for adults, of course, considering not only the cost of each doll, which is about 300-400 pounds for those in limited edition and up to, rumor has it, even 20 thousand for those created exclusively, but also because of the maniac-like fetishism with which they are thought out.
  The Superdoll Collectables gals dress only with couture clothing, stand tall on stiletto heels, and wear bondage corsets that leave their neckline mischievously uncovered. Just slightly bigger than a normal Barbie, these dolls are hand-made, like mini models dressed for the runway.

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